How you upload your Profile in First Pages !

Step 1: Login into our front page



Step 2: Click on your account button

Step 3: Click “Add New Item”

Step 4: Fill in Profile name (Profile Name will show in front page) & Information

Note: How to copy Image (If your picture do not appear properly)
Step 4.1: Right Click your image in Forum, select Copy Image

Step 4.1: Go to your Profile Editing area, right click and select paste image


Step 5: Upload your Profile Picture by clicking “Set Featured Image”

Step 6: Upload Your Profile Picture

Step 7: Select Your File(s)

Step 8: Wait for Upload to Finish

Step 9: Select your profile Picture and click the blue button “Set Featured Image” at the bottom right

Step 10: Fill in Statistics

Step 11: Publish it!










How to Look at your profile

Step 12: Click “View Post”

Your Profile will Appear

Step 13: Click on your Profile Picture

Step 14: Stats area shown here:

Congratulation! You have successfully uploaded your profile!










How to Edit Profile and Add new Profile

Step a: Click on your account button

Step b:

  • Click on your profile name to edit your Profile OR
  • Click on “Add New item” and repeat step 1-14

How to bump your profile!

Step 1: Click on your Profile

Step 2: Your Profile Page

Step 3:
Scroll to the bottom.
Type in your Name & Comment

Step 4: Post Comment

Step 5: Your Comment will appear

Check where is your profile now
Go back to Home Page

At Home Page, your profile is now listed at the top!

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