A Comparative Analysis Of The Legal And Illegal Sex Establishments In Geylang Singapore

Prostitution is often called the as the Oldest Profession in the world. Still now it is prevalent in every nook and corner of the planet where human beings inhabit. Even though billions of money is rolled in this industry still this profession is prohibited in many nations. However, some nations have legalized it thus uplifting the worker conditions of the prostitutes. Geylang in Singapore is one such nation where prostitution is not directly illegal but the paraphernalia activities related to it like public solicitation, maintaining a living out of prostitution earnings, etc. are considered to be illegal. The Geylang district in Singapore has the largest number of brothels in the country.

Geylang Singapore

Officially there are no legal brothels in Singapore. However, some of them in Geylang singapore have been approved and monitored by the Anti-Vice branch. It should be remembered that unmonitored prostitution also exists besides those in these brothels and they are basically of three types:

  • Internet Ads
  • Street Solicitation
  • Karaoke Bars and Massage Parlors

Since these forms are illegal, the working and the health condition of the sex workers over these establishments are questionable. With the recent advent of globalization these kinds of places being foreigner friendly are thriving well. The girls of these places are mostly from the neighboring countries like China, Thailand, Philippines, etc. They are usually on short duration tourist visas and hence do not have regular screened health check-ups.


The Geylang area is a whole neighborhood with houses lined across the streets most of which are converted into brothels. The residential ones have to put up signs so as to refrain from unwanted visitors. Usually the brothels are found on the Lorongs that are even numbered in between 4 to 20. In these brothels generally there are rooms with attached showers where one goes for the sessions with the girl they pick for rendering the sexual services.

The sex workers in the so called legal brothels of the Geylang singapore area must undergo a regular and periodic health check and should have a health card which they need to carry for their check-ups. Since most of the foreigner tourists are being sniggered upon, so these places are not familiar with them. But if one pays well above the regular rate and behaves properly with the girls during their sessions then they are also welcomed over here. It is always safe to have the sessions in these legal places as the girls are medically monitored of any STDs and would always encourage you to wear condoms.

As opposed to the illegal establishments, these legalized brothels have a three way facility: One these places are safe from police raids, so no interruption in between the sessions, two being a legal place they do no cheat the customers on value for money or steal their belongings which often happen in the other illegal areas of sex trade in Geylang singapore, lastly the workers of these places are health screened always encouraging you to wear condoms and therefore are safe to have sex with without the tension of getting infected with STDs like AIDS.

You are strongly advice to visit only legalized brothels.

Geylang Singapore Geylang

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